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    How To Use Trust Wallet On Your PC/Mac

    1. Open the website (DApp) you want to use on your browser.
    2. Click on [Connect Wallet].
    3. Select “WalletConnect” on the dialog.
    4. Launch the Trust Wallet app on your mobile device and navigate to “Settings“.
    5. On the Trust Wallet settings tab, select “WalletConnect".
    6. Next, scan the QR code generated by WalletConnect on your computer.
    7. Finally, tap on [CONNECT] to authorize the connection.

    Joining the Trust Wallet ecosystem with an already established base of users, projects, and communities is a great opportunity for your DApp project to leapfrog its growth. Before you can be listed alongside the other top DApps partnered with Trust Wallet, there is a documented process that needs to be carefully followed and completed.


    Trust Wallet is proud of the high standards of quality required for listed DApps, where the user and their experience are the key areas of focus. The app is one of the most popular wallets available for easy access to digital assets and DApps in one place.


    By improving the functionality of your project and its overall optimization, you allow users already familiar with the Trust Wallet space the best chance of using your DApp. Taking advantage of the vibrant community is a logical step to take. Marketing efforts also help, so get in touch with the Trust Wallet team via Trust Wallet Community to explore more promotional opportunities.


    Missing out on just any one part of the optimization and application process will ultimately lead to an unsuccessful application. The journey involves rounds of:


    1. Optimization

    2. Upload Assets via Github Pull Request (involves nominal fee)

    3. Application Form


    The whole process can be divided into these key stages, along with some recommended marketing activities to help give your project a better chance of success.

    Only by following closely the clearly defined instructions and recommendations will your DApp be able to join the list after careful scrutiny from the Trust Wallet team.


    Technical Requirements and Preparation

    Optimizing your application will require checking off a series of key areas noted in the following optimization sections. Some technical preparation will however be required whenever assets are added to the Trust Wallet GitHub repo

    • Optimization of your DApp for the Trust Wallet browser
    • Optimization of your DApp for desktop users
    • Uploading of required logo assets
    • Application to join the Trust Wallet DApp listing
    • Hosting a Trust Wallet AMA session
    • Creating a Barn of Trust staking vault